I was born in 1973 in Košice. In 1998, I completed my studies at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava – specialisation directing. Professionally, I work as a composer of music for commercial spots and I design music for television channels and programmes. I create music sounds and jingles, etc. (e.g. for television news on the television channel Markíza, as well as television news on the television channels JOJ and TA3), I produce the musical design of web pages and computer games. I participate in composing the music composition for theatrical shows and performances, and I produce music for a range of other purposes, e.g. business events, etc.

I work in my own recording studio that is equipped with up-to-date and elaborate technical equipment. I can reproduce a wide range of sounds and music. I also have synthesisers, acoustic instruments, percussion instruments, guitars, and a concert, grand and retro piano. I adapt my work to the time constraints, financial possibilities and needs of television and advertising producers.

In addition, I offer the possibility for you to use the database of finished musical soundtracks made for commercial spots. They are classified according to their genre, normally have a length of 30 seconds and you may freely download their working version from the following web page:

You only pay once the music has been approved by the client. After that, you will receive the music from us in its full sound quality, in the format of wav. The prices are really friendly, and so is our manager, who will contact you!

Best regards,

Marian Čurko